HTF B型斜流式消防排煙風機


There is a requirement for fire protection for buildings, such as subway, tunnel, high-storey building, gymnasium, shopping malls, underground workshop, oven fire smoke exhaust and ventilation, etc. Generally USES double speed motor, running at low speed for ventilation at ordinary times, such as in the event of fire, automatic switch to high speed running through the electric control system, eliminate smoke quickly in less than half an hour, the personnel in the fire safety evacuation, protect national and people's life and property safety conveying air and the other is not natural, for steel without corrosive gas, its body is not allowed to have a sticky, dust and hard particles contained no greater than 150 mg/m3, make ventilation inlet temperature shall not exceed 80 , as a fire, flue gas temperature should be at 28 for 30 minutes or more.